GM Sponsored Auctions are the best source for GM Dealers to purchase high-quality GM used vehicles. You can find all the information you need at Browse by auction type, location or date to find the auction that best suits you.

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Calendars for Closed and Open sales for all GM Sponsored Auction locations. Check back often for frequent updates.


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Bid on high-quality, nonreconditioned GM vehicles online.


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Source late-model, low mileage, CPO-ready GM vehicles and purchase lease returns.

Specific Topics

Explore Vehicle Reconditioning Levels

GM Sponsored Auction vehicles fall under three categories:

GM FrontLine Ready
Fully reconditioned. Meets Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles standards. Ready to certify.

GM Sponsored Plus
Extra interior/exterior reconditioning.

GM Sponsored
General inventory with standard repairs and reconditioning.

Auction Types Explained

Traditional Auctions

If you'd like to participate in a GM Sponsored Auction at a physical location or a Open Auction, view Traditional Auctions near you.


Bid on high-quality, non-reconditioned, GM vehicles online before they enter the regular auction process.

GMF DealerSource

Your one-stop online resource for late-model, low mileage, CPO-ready GM Financial lease return inventory.

GM News Highlights

Dealers Auto Auction of Oklahoma City-Closed GM Factory Sale!
Join us on 8/4 for our 250 unit sale! Drawing for 5, $50 Visa gift cards at the end of the sale.

A Message from GM Remarketing
Vehicle Haulaway Tie Down Requirements: In order to clarify securement requirements for vehicles shipped on haulaway equipment, starting Jan 1. 2010, all vehicles must be shipped utilizing soft-tie straps, except for those identified (see document). Securement devices are not to be mixed and matched on individual units. For example, do not use 2 chains and 2 soft-tie straps on an individual unit. Please use either all soft-tie straps or all chains on an individual unit. Click here for more specifics